Strength and Psionics
Chapter 3

Excalibur has regained consciousness by the time Illumina made it back to the room where Excalibur was in, and she already notices something...Different about him...Namely his hair. She jokes, "Hey bro, that's a new look for you...What do you call it, the 'Mad Scientist' style?" "Hrm?" He mutters, not knowing what she is talking about. He then goes over to one of his inventions and looks in its reflective surface, now noticing what has happened to his hair. "...Now how did THIS happen? What could have possibly caused my hair to turn this color, and this style?" "Beats me," she replies. "Hey, I have to ask you something...I went back to my room after what happened a few minutes ago, and I noticed something weird: I weigh twice my normal weight, my waist feels heavy, and I've gotten a LOT stronger, all for no reason...Just watch." She picks up the cylinder of Adamantium laying around, one-handed, tosses it in the air, and balances it on her finger. She then carelessly sets it back down on the edge of the table, and goes to get a chair to sit down in, sitting it near the table where the crystalline Adamantium is sitting.

Excalibur tries to comprehend all of this, and then sees the answer. "Ah, I now I know what has happened. Remember the strength-infused garment you were wearing? It seems that if the strength aura is somehow stripped from the garment and infused directly into the wearer...The wearer will permanently acquire the physical strength given by the garment. For that matter, since the infused aura is a concentrated form of what the garment gives to the wearer, that person's strength will be magnified immensely, in comparison to someone who was just wearing the garment. But how did it happen?"

Excalibur then heads over to the PCLC, looks back and notices his robot assistant, still back against the wall, and turns around again, noticing the PCLC has overheated. He stands there in thought for a few minutes, and then figures out what happened. He then turns around to face Illumina and tells her, "Ah-ha! I have figured it all out now. If there are multiple objects in direct contact with one another, the DTS cannot disassemble the molecular structure of them and reassemble them at the new location, but instead merges them together. That explains your strength and increase in weight...Both the garment and the block of crystalline Adamantium have fused with your own body. In my case, activating the anti-radiation shield generated by my lab coat had protected me, but must not have covered my head...The PCLC misfired, and the laser beam emitted from it was absorbed into the DTS...Somehow striking my hair, making it polychromatic, just like the polychromatic diamond. Before either of us could be further affected by the PCLC, one of my robot assistants came in and reset most of the device's settings back to where they originally were. The force generated by reversing the device's pull on the outside world had thrown it against the wall, and later, us. The force of being thrown against the wall knocked us unconscious for awhile. You recovered first, and then I did..."

Expecting him to continue on, Illumina sits down hard in her chair, causing it to break under her weight. The force of her fall causes the crystalline Adamantium block she sat on the table to fall off, right onto her. It lands on her waist...And harmlessly bounces off. She then gets up, notices the cylinder of crystalline Adamantium laying on the floor, and notices she doesn't have a scratch on her. Excalibur has watched what happened, and notices something else. "It seems there is one more thing I have overlooked beforehand: Your midsection has been strengthened by the crystalline Adamantium so that, like it, that part of your body will be invulnerable to anything that comes in contact with it. I think your skeletal system may have absorbed some of the crystalline Adamantium as well, as even the strength-infused garment could not have kept the bones in your finger from breaking when balancing the crystalline Adamantium with your finger."

He then holds his head, feeling a little strange. Illumina asks him, "...Hey, bro, you OK?" She then watches as he focuses on part of the broken chair that landed near his foot...And watches it move away from him without him even touching it. He then focuses on it harder, and sets it on fire...And then freezes it in a block of ice. He then stops focusing on it. Illumina looks at Excalibur, surprised by what has happened. "It seems my anti-radiation device and the portal's own radiation have affected me in a way I have not noticed before...It seems to have given me the power of psionics; I will have to train myself to handle this new power, as it may prove to be useful later on..." "Heh...Cool," Illumina mentions. "I guess your experimental inventions DO work...Just not like you'd expect them to. Heh...I can't wait till Ragnarok comes back in. I want to see just how much strength I have..."

Minutes later, Ragnarok returns to the lab. Before he can turn on the lights in the hallway, Illumina sneaks up from behind him and turns on the lights. Before he can turn around to see who turned on the lights, she grabs Ragnarok's arm and throws him into the lab. Excalibur, having already noticed the lights are on, and seeing Ragnarok flying right at him, puts up a psionic shield right before Ragnarok hits him. Ragnarok is knocked unconscious for a moment, but doesn't seem hurt too bad...The wall would've hurt a lot worse.

He regains consciousness moments later. "Oow, my head...What did I crash into?" he says, trying to shake off the disorientation caused by the throw. After he regains his orientation, Ragnarok notices Excalibur's hair. "Excalibur, I know you make strange chemicals sometimes, but what kind of chemical did you manage to create now? Multi-color hair dye?" Ragnarok then notices Illumina coming through the now-lit hallway. "And since when, Lum, did you learn how to throw someone like that?" "Do you want me to explain what is going on?" Excalibur asks. Ragnarok DOES want to know, and Excalibur and Illumina tell him. He seems a bit confused after hearing their story, but after awhile, it makes sense to him...

...Except for the part about the clothing fusing with Illumina's body, of course. "From how you threw me, I'll believe that part about the strength-infused garment fusing with your own body...But as for crystalline Adamantium fusing with your midsection and making it invulnerable to whatever hits it...You have to be kidding." Illumina taunts him, saying, "Go right ahead...Why not slash me with your sword? It's not like it's going to hurt..."

Ragnarok, still not believing her, gets out his sword and slashes against Illumina's waist as hard as he can...And to his surprise, his sword is deflected from the impact with her waist, he breaks his wrist, his sword falls to the ground, and he is now holding his wrist in pain. Excalibur then leaves the room for a moment to get one of his medical robots to fix up Ragnarok's now-broken wrist. Illumina then tells Ragnarok, "Heh, whaddya know, I'm right...I didn't feel a thing," and then she laughs. Ragnarok then makes a mental note to believe what he hears from Excalibur and Illumina, no matter how strange it may seem, from now on...After all, they would never lie to him, even about something as strange as this.

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