Contact Me

Do you have suggestions for the site? Questions about it? Help for finding the creators of various unnamed files? Or do you just want to say "Hi"? If any of these apply, you can contact me with one of the five methods below...I should note, if you're just saying "Hi", use one of the Instant Messaging methods, it makes things a lot easier for both of us...

AIM: WolfeDen3 TPW
ICQ: 14179958 (WolfeDen3)
YM: WolfeDen3_TPW

You may also see me in certain chat rooms or message boards...If any of these names in this list seem familiar to you, then you've probably talked to me before ^_^

EZBoards: WolfeDen3, Ragnarok A G, Excalibur P M, Illumina F C, Timotheus Lupuse
Venura Boards: Account: WolfeDen3
Characters: Ragnarok Gotterdammerung, Excalibur MerVian, Illumina Colisio, Timotheus Lupuse

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