This page features my own personal whiteboard and chat (which I got off of Groupboard), so that if you want to just mess around and draw/chat on the site, you can do so here ^_^

However...If you're going to mess around on the whiteboard, please try and follow the rules below:

WolfeDen3's Whiteboard

And as for chat, well...There's not much to say here, other than I ask that you follow the usual etiquette for participating in a chat room...

Also, remember this: If you see someone with an "at" sign ("@") beside their name, that means they're an Admin for this Groupboard...Which means that if you're rude to them, they can (and may/will) ban you from using this Groupboard...But you already know better than to be rude to an Admin, right? ^_~

Finally, the last and most important thing: Enjoy using this Groupboard! =)

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