Here are photographs taken by myself or someone else, that I thought should be put up on the site.

As an added bonus, look out for pictures with a question in double brackets (the last few are the only ones that have them at this point)...It means I've hidden an "Easter Egg" of some sort in the picture, and you have to figure out what I've hidden...I will eventually make a page with the answers to the "Easter Egg" questions.

High School:
Simply put, it's my senior picture. Me between two of my teachers who have helped me through the years. Me, holding my diploma. My third-cousin (left) and myself (right), shortly before going to Baccalaureate. A Baccalaureate picture of me. A closer Baccalaureate picture of me. A Baccalaureate picture of me, my mother, my third-cousin, his mother, and his grandmother.
Tango (Before Haircut):
My dog, Tango. Tango, this time it's close-up. Tango, facing the camera. Tango, smiling for the camera. Tango, laying down...Being lazy, that's usually what he does most of the time ^_~ Mom holding Tango...And Tango doesn't seem to be happy about going to get his haircut soon... Mom holding Tango (who is turning his head away from the camera). Tango, with his tongue sticking out.

Tango (After Haircut):
Tango, startled, wondered what just happened... Tango, sitting at the door. Mom holding Tango (who has his tongue sticking out ^_~). Tango, looking to see what's going on... Mom holding Tango.

At the Computer:
Where I do most of my computing business...Or for that matter, all of it. Me, sitting down in my seat in front of the computer. Me again, standing in front of a desk in the room adjacent to my computer room. Me facing toward the camera.  Other than my senior picture, this is as close-up of a picture that you will see of me for now. A picture of me, taken with the QuickCam I now own. A close-up of my printer.  The "ghostly" edge on the bottom left is a reflection from the freezer.
[[What is the title of the page on the monitor?]] Me, messing around with a few pictures in Paint Shop Pro.
[[What are all three pictures "showing"?]] A picture of my "office", recently reorganized.
[[Whose website appears on the monitor in this picture?]] A view of my room...Small, isn't it?
[[What kind of "porn" appears on the monitor? And no, it's not REAL "porn", thank you very much =P]]

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